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Passionate About Helping Others

My firm specializes in helping individuals and small businesses file for bankruptcy. Since 2011 I have helped thousands of individuals work through financial difficulties, whether it's a pending foreclosure, wage garnishment, dealing with aggressive creditors, or even just a sense of feeling of overwhelmed. 

Prior to helping people through their financial issues, I had to deal with my own, and actually filed bankruptcy myself. I understand what its like to stress about barely getting by making minimum payments, harassing phone calls from creditors, and even getting sued. I can also testify to the fact that there is life after bankruptcy, and that going through this process, while difficult, can truly enable you to move forward and live a better life. 

I have personally helped over 1000 people file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Middle District of Florida and have the experience thoroughly review, plan and advise of you of your options.

My firm is primarily a virtual one, meaning that I don't have a traditional office space. This allows me to keep costs low for myself, which in turn allows me to relay those costs savings to you. It also means that I don't have traditional hours, so you don't need to take off work to have your legal issues dealt with. You will also have complete access to me - no paralegal or staff acting as a gatekeeper - the phone number listed goes directly to me and no one else. Most of our communication will be digital - either via email, text, phone, or video conferencing. However, for those looking for a sit down meeting, I typically hold office hours every Friday, usually rotating between Tampa and St. Petersburg locations. 


  • Middle District of Florida

  • Southern District of Florida

  • All Florida State Courts

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